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GMP, ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, Croatian quality

Yasenka offers top-notch technology for the production of medicinal products, food supplements and cosmetics. By application of latest technologies in the pharmaceutical industry we ensure continous improvement of quality of our services and increase in quality control. We also continuously educate our employees in order to achieve flawless final product or service. By corporate social responsibility and ecologic relationship with the environment, we are prepared to fulfill highest expectations of our business partners and adjust to the specific requirements of the mentioned services.


We are looking for

We are looking for business partners to distribute our products around the world. Our long-term vision is international, and our aim is to broaden sales and distribution channels to as many locations as possible. This is why we are looking for you as our partners who would recognise our quality and conquer the market with us. On the other hand, as the company which is primarily a family company, we know that our strength lies in our people. This is the approach we wish to use to differentiate ourself on the market and to give you as a partner safety and trust. Our vision is simple: to offer a quality product at an acceptable price and to take care of our patients’ health.

  1. Marketing and distribution of Yasenka's product range on one's own market.
  2. Service of contract manufacturing according to customer's specifications and in accordance with EU GMP.
  3. Secondary packaging service in accordance with the requirements of the EU.
  4. Service of quality testing of medicinal products and batch release on the market in the EU.



Liquid preparations


Liquid non-sterile forms are preparations for different purposes which are manufactured and packaged in the premises of GMP class D. Automated production line connected with the filling machine enables production and filling of liquid forms in a closed system. System equipped with a series of sensors ensures safe and high-quality production.

Production of liquid non-sterile forms (syrups, solutions, tinctures) takes place on the line which consists of a container for preparation of solution and container for storage of the solution before dosage. Dosage is performed on the filling and capping machine, and secondary packaging on the line for labeling and unit packaging.

Line for production of liquid forms

Line consists of a container for preparation, pumps, set of filters and a container for storage. Container for preparation is equipped with a mixer and a double shell for heating and cooling products. Prepared product is filtered by a pump through a set of filters to the storage container.



Filling machine, CAM

Machine for filling vials is automatically connected to the storage container for liquid forms and together make a closed system. Filling is performed by 6 dosage pumps with automated capping and a test of cap presence.



Labelling machine, BBK

Labelling machine is connected by a transport belt with the filling machine for syrups, thus enabling connected primary and secondary packaging. Machine is equipped with a camera for verification of control data and sensors for verification of presence of a label with the aim of reducing the possibility of wrong labelling.

Packaging machine CAM

Machine enables semi-automatic unit packaging of products into cardboard boxes. PILs are added automatically. It is equipped with sensors for verification of pharma code on cardboard boxes and PILs, which reduces the possibility of wrong packaging.





Semi-solid forms are manufactured in the premises of GMP class D. High-quality equippment enables the production of  most complicated creams, ointments and gels. By fulfilling strict requirements and following the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice, we achieve safe and high-quality production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Production of semi-solid forms (creams, ointments, gels) takes place in a vacuum mixer with rotor/stator homogenizer, and filling on the filling station which, depending on the need, can fill and cap metal or plastic tubes of different volume. Secondary packaging takes place on the machine for unit packaging.

Machine for production of semi-solid forms, Fryma Koruma

The machine consists of a vacuum mixer system equipped with a mixer, rotor/stator homogenizer and double shell for heating and cooling. Homogenizer achieves 3000 RPM and enables production of high-quality creams, ointments and gels.


max RPM

Filling machine, IWK

Machine enables fast and efficient packaging of metal or plastic tubes of various dimensions in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. It is equipped with sensors which enable recognition of good and bad tubes and servo monitors which ensure reliability of the process.


filling volume (ml)


Production of solid forms consists of a machine for packaging capsules into vials and the machine for secondary packaging.


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Long-term experience and cooperation with numerous domestic and foreign partners has motivated us further to create even stronger partnership relationship and to raise our business to even higher level. If you company has larger needs than just distribution, we will provide a complete service of production of your product, from a starting idea until final realisation. Your vision and our technology and high standards will create new values which will improve your brand and give it a better position on the market.

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