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Yasenka Skin Shine, skin preparation for sunbathing, contains a combination of high concentrations of endogenous and exogenous antioxidants. It protects skin cells from oxidative stress, increases their resistance to the harmful effects of UV radiation, tobacco smoke and other factors to which they are exposed daily and promotes a healthy and radiant skin appearance.

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1000 mg


1000 mg

L Cistein

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Glutathione binds free radicals that are formed in the body on a daily basis, inactivates them and stops cellular stress. It stimulates energy synthesis in mitochondria and prevents photoaging. It gives a clear skin tone and restores energy to the skin. L-cysteine enhances glutathione absorption and raises its concentration in plasma. As an integral part of L-glutathione, it is also a reserve for this protein. Therefore, it is important that it is present in the body in sufficient quantities. It is required for the formation of compounds and other amino acids. Vitamin C synergistically acts with glutathione and enhances the antioxidant effect. It acts as an exogenous antioxidant and reduces oxidative stress in the cell. It contributes to collagen synthesis and improves skin appearance.

How to use


Recommended dose is one sachet a day, dissolved in a glass of water or juice.



Dextrose; L-glutathione (reduced); L-cysteine hydrochloride; L-ascorbic acid; flavour: orange; sweetener: steviol glycosides.



Keep out of reach of young children. Recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. Food supplement is not a substitute or replacement for a balanced diet. Balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life are important for health. Store below 25°C in a dry place.



100 g (10 sachet x 10 g)



Yasenka d.o.o., Dvanaest redarstvenika 2/C, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia



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