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This website provides general information about numerous topics, products and services regarding health protection. The purpose of the information is not to give medical advice or instructions for use of certain products nor to promote individual products. This website does not contain complete medical information and it is made as an addendum, not as replacement for expertise, knowledge and skills of medical staff which takes care of patients nor as a recommendation for any treatment program.

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Each user of this website is obliged to respect all applicable laws regarding intelectual property rights as well as copyright protection. Information and images presented on this website are subject to copyright protection and protection of other intellectual property rights. Copyright and other intellectual property rights on this website, including the ones relating to text, illustrations, photographs, videos, music, sound, layout, design, original code, belong to the company Yasenka d.o.o. Without previous written consent by Yasenka d.o.o., the user of this website cannot: a) use, copy, alter, adjust, reproduce, store, distribute, print, represent, perform or publish any information or graphic or sound materials contained in any part of this website, b) use for commercial purposes any information or graphic or sound materials received from any part of this website. Documents published at www.yasenka.hr may be copied without  YASENKA d.o.o.’s permission only and exclusively for personal use. With respect to the mentioned, each copying is permitted only with stating all notes and copyright warnings, other warnings about any kind of property and any limitation of liability which is stated on this website. Any copying, except for personal use as given above, reproduction or distribution of documents and/or information from this website is allowed only with previous explicit approval by YASENKA d.o.o.

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All changes in provisions on personal data protection shall be timely published on this website or shall be made available to you in another appropriate way.

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What are cookies?
Cookies are a set of data used as your anonymous individual identifyer, which individual page at www.yasenka.hr you visit sends your browser. The purpose of cookies. When you access an individual webpage at www.yasenka.hr, we send you cookies which are stored in your computer and used for marking information about your previous visits (for example, how many times you have visited website Yasenka.hr). This means that, during each future visit to www.yasenka.hr we will search for your cookie in order to read information stored in it. Cookies do not contain your personal data, but enable faster and more efficient activation of information, data and settings which you have previously given while visiting and using www.yasenka.hr. Our cookies on your computer cannot be accessed by a website which is not a part of www.yasenka.hr. Also, with the aim of improving user experience of Yasenka.hr, we use Evercookie technology to detect malicious users and disable access to the site in case of  violations of Terms of use, in line with the rules given in the Terms of Use. The website www.yasenka.hr uses cookies with the purpose of advertising the products of the company YASENKA d.o.o. and products and services by a third party/advertising agency. Display of advertisements delivered by Yasenka.hr or an advertising agency is enabled via cookies which Yasenka.hr or a third party can place in your web browser in order to record your behaviour and enable recognition, but not personal identification of user. Yasenka.hr monitors statistical number of visits to their webpages exclusively in order to receive necessary information on the attractiveness and success of their pages, using third party service Google Analytics. Detailed information of the third party regarding this service, as well as user options of regulating their cookie settings which are required, are available at http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html.
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Limitation of liability

Although we take appropriate technical, organisational and personnel activities of personal data protection, we cannot guarantee that some of the collected personal data will not ever be revealed, contrary to the provisions of this Protection of personal data policy. To the highest extent permitted by law, we  exclude the responsibility for damages caused to users or third persons by accidental revealing of personal data. Considering the fact that we have no control over personal data  you submit upon accessing or using other pages, or directly to third persons (for instance, upon participating in sponsorship activities), to the highest extent permitted by law we exclude the responsibility for damage that may be caused to you or third parties due to submitting personal information in this manner.

Changes and additions

YASENKA d.o.o. reserves the right to any changes and/or additions to the content on this website, at any time and for any reason, without previous notice, and excludes liability for possible consequences of such changes and/or additions. The changes are binding for the users; it is therefore recommended to the users to follow the changes on a regular basis.

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